Comments from members

Hello is based at Christ Church, Sutton.

Phil, the vicar, and the congregation of Christ Church let us use the church on three days of the week for our activities.  This is very generous and enables us to charge just a minimal fee so that everyone can come along whatever their circumstances.

This is what our members say about using Christ Church:

From members of the Wednesday Club 

“The main thing is that there is a friendly atmosphere.  It gives those who are alone at home the chance to see others.  It helps stop them being lonely.”

“Christ Church is giving a service to the community by letting us use their building for our friendship group.  It stops us being stuck at home.”

“Christ Church is promoting social wellbeing and friendship.  This is so important, especially after Covid.”

“I enjoy coming here.  There is a nice atmosphere.  The surroundings are good.  It is not cold, and I feel comfortable in the church.  It is a good place if someone wants to pray.”

“Christ Church is inviting and welcoming, especially for those who don’t know about churches”.

“I love looking at the windows.  They are so beautiful.  It is peaceful in here.”

“The new servery is very convenient.”

“Please thank them for letting us use the church for our club”.

And from members of Hello Arts and Crafts on Thursday

“I love the spaciousness.  It is an ideal place for art and craft because it is a beautiful building.  It is a pleasure to come here.”

“It makes the church the centre of the community as it used to be.”

“The atmosphere is so good.  It is an inspiration to be here.”

“It is good for social contact.  We can relax here and concentrate on what we are doing.”

“Letting Hello use Christ Church for our sessions embraces the concept of the church as family.”

“It is so generous of Christ Church to allow the church to be open for all people and activities”.

“It keeps the cost down.  A lot of people would not be able to afford it otherwise.”